Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In which I make an admission and think twice

Time to tell the truth. When I first heard the story (many moons ago) of the Romney's dog going for a ride on the roof of the car I thought - "That is odd. I'm troubled by Mitt Romney's decision-making ability."

See what happened there? I heard about something out-of-the-norm and quickly labeled it bad. And it has been there lurking in my brain as a general misgiving about Mitt Romney ever since. Even though I have no conscious memory of the story until something or someone reminds me of it. How many of those little snap-decision subconscious briars are in my brain right now I wonder?

The recent political dog wars, however, have forced me to take a second look at this incident and purge the nettle from my mind.

The Romney's went on vacation. Obviously, they had some disposable income. I bet they had plenty of disposable income. In fact, enough to either board the beast or pay someone to be a pet sitter. I've done both and I doubt I've ever had the same income as the Romney household. I've also taken my dog on vacation with me. I love taking my dog on vacation with me and I hate boarding her or leaving her needs to a part time care giver. If I had limited room in my vehicle I might strap a dog kennel to the roof and take my dog along. Heck, I remember moving with my parents and taking our dog in a kennel strapped in the back of a truck with the rest of our belongings. Mitt Romney's decision-making ability isn't troubling. He's just a pet lover like me.

Thanks, liberal ideologues and main stream media outlets for your obsession with painting your political opponents as weird. Forcing me to really look at this story has cleared my mind of one more troublesome thorn.

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